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General H. Lava
Note to newcomers:
This is the French version of the game. Official language of this version is English. An international version of this game is located at http://www.war4fun.net. You can have one account per version, but not several accounts in one version.


Welcome on the battlefield soldier ! I'm here to try to make some basic concepts enter your head before it gets blown off by some bunch of snipers, commandos, or veteran. We aren't in courtyard anymore soldier ! It is your life you will put at risk soldier.

You will be given some small missions to get an overview of what may happen to you on the battlefield. You are going to use units you are not supposed to use at the beginning, but well, you need to learn, don't you ?
I'll be your opponent this time and try... well first not to kill you, then to help you assimilate the basic mecanisms of war.
But have a look at the map below. The different parts of the interface are displayed. There are 5 of them. Put your mouse on the different parts to get an idea of what it's made of.

And where you are ready, click the "Try" button in the signup form !

The map : This is where the action is. Overview of the terrain that your selected unit can see. Here you can find your enemy, select other units and think of new ways to outsmart your enemies.
Information menu : contains a lot of usefull info
Rules - Rules of the game
Stats - Statistics of current map and realtime numbers of War statistics
Characteristics - Units Characteristics list where you can decide what unit suits your situation the most
Hall Of Fame - All units live and death overview
Ranking - Show you status and statistics of all players/companys
Forum - Global game comunication, players interactions, roleplay and mission briefings
Disconnect - Log out
Squad panel : This part contains a summary of your squad. You can see what is your level,your grade, your money, how many units you control, how many you have in stock, etc. Also this is control center for comunication and player/interface setup.
Stock button : Stocked units are units that are not active but belong to your squad, you can deactivate them and activate when you have free squad slot.
Pack button : You can also stock packs on Camp/HQ that you find on the map and use them later.
You can give your units or money to some player (but your comamnders must be in visual range).
Buy button : Here you buy new units (you must have required level to buy particular unit)
Warmail button : Here you can see your warmail and send WarMails to players.
Hierarchy button : Hierarchy gives you insight who is your superior or if you have subordinate of your own (you can also quit your superior).
Company button : Your company forum where you share your ideas and plans of attacks and other company decisions.
Option button
Prison button : Here you can see units that you captured or your units that are prisoned.
Selected unit frame : Your currently selected unit along with its all information, actions and all Characteristics that are important to particular unit
Other squads units Overview of all units that are in your squad (maximum 15) wich you can select along with their most important characteristics: Level, Type, Position, Action, Life, Fatigue.
Selected cell View : Static Cell sight window where you can see contents of some cell that your selected unit can see.
Overview of the interface The map The map The stock button The stock button The gift button The buy button The warmail button The hierarchy button The company button The information button The prisonner button The Squad panel The unit panel The others units panel The selected cell panel